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    Hey guys

    In 6th Year at school with my chosen courses obviously by now came back with offers.

    The problem is, the other day we had an assembly about SAAS and the funding that they provide from students, and it's confused me a little to be honest!

    I have a few questions:
    • Do I NEED to get funding through SAAS to pay off fees (Im going to Scottish University & from Scotland)?
    • If I fill out funding but then take another choice rather than Uni, and don't need the funds what do I do?

    The reason I ask these questions are the fact that in reality I don't want to have student debt, I understand it would help me through Uni, but I've got a part time job that i feel would be suffice. The funding part confuses me, so IS the course fees paid by the government... or do I need to apply for SAAS to fund my fees?

    Thanks for any help in advance
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    If you don't apply to SAAS for your fees you will be charged by your uni for them. You won't be in debt if you just apply for fees as these are non repayable.

    You don't have to apply for a bursary or a loan if you don't want to - if your parents earn under £34K you'll be entitled to a non repayable grant otherwise a student loan is repayable only after you graduate and earn over £15K a year.

    If you apply to SAAS and decide not to go to uni just phone or email them to cancel application.

    Hi there

    I m an EU student, from Hungary and just got admitted to the University of Abeerden. I have started to fill out the SAAS application form but i would have a few questions.

    1. I studied in Denmark for 1 semester from last september until january this year. I quitted the academy (I guess it wasn't a university nor a college, just an academy). I t was a BA course but i just finished the 1 semester. Does it count as a course? Studying in DK is free for EU students so i m not sure what should i do about it..... i really dont want to loose that financial support form SAAS just because of this 6 months in DK

    These are the questions regarding past courses:
    Have you been in any education since leaving school?*
    Have you changed college or university this year?

    2. Do you plan to continue working full-time or part-time during your course?*
    I am not sure yet but i think i will try to work. But i haven't ever worked in the UK so i cannot continue it o i guess it is no... or?

    3. At "Course title" should i choose "EU UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE" or "OTHER" so i can write that MA in Accounting or Finance

    4. Should i fill out these as well? I have never been to the UK nor my parents. I m a permanent resident of Hungary.

    I think i will contact SAAS but in the meantime please help me!

    I'd be interested in the same thing as your question 4, kjonathan92
    Did you get any reply from SAAS?

    For question 4.

    I've seen SAAS responding to someone on their official facebook about this.

    Q:Firstly, I would like to know how can I insert my SAAS reference number into that form? It is pdf and the blank is already filled with ink.
    Secondly, I am an EU-student. Does that mean I don't have to fill the forms ab10a and ab10b at all? In the application I was asked to send these forms as well, but my parents haven't lived in the UK, I am from an EU country and I am only applying for tuition fees.
    A: SAAS Hi.
    No, you do not need to supply these forms.

    (I can give you the links and all if you want to see for yourself)
    Hope it helps!


    I'm lso an EU-student from Hungary, and I wonder if You know the email address where i could write to SAAS. And if you know whether they accept the offer letter by email (I mean not the scanned copy, but the email version). I'm a bit late, I'm not sure it would arrive until 30th by mail.

    Thank you in advance

    Their email:
    that's all i can help you with...i wasn't asked for other documents.
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