A2 Edexcel Government and Politics Route 3d/4d

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    I'm doing the route 3d/4d of A2 Gov+Pol. It is really interesting but quite hard, especially because of the lack of textbook, and the fact I'm the only girl in a 5 dude class

    Just wondered how everyone else is finding it, and what parts you like and don't like about it. I'm loving the whole international relations/terrorism part but struggle to remember anything to do with the EU(especially the structure).

    Anybody got any tips or tricks for the exams, I could really use an A in this. Hope to hear from you guys soon

    Thanks! x
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    (Original post by Riz10)
    I done this unit 3d in january 2012 got an A*. i've used the book
    by the chief examiner : global politics, andrew heywood. thats
    the only book for this unit, and its what helped me get that grade.
    best thing to do is make sure you've covered all parts of the
    specification and in the weeks leading upto the exams practice
    plenty of past exam questions. revising the international organisations
    for unit 3d (the un) is a must and also world oder (bipolarity,multipolarity
    etc.) also use this website for examples: http://globalgovpol.blogspot.co.uk/
    it is specifically for this unit.
    hope this helps:rolleyes:
    Thanks so much, just looked at the website and it looks really good. I've been reading through the book, but have been more focused on looking up examples, so will definitely start to read through it more thouroughly, as I think it is mostly the theory I have got to work through. Really well done on getting your A*, that is fantastic!!
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    (Original post by Riz10)
    dont worry too much about examples, although it is important. sometimes
    try and make up examples which may sound realistic, the examiners
    dont know everything that goes on in the world!
    Sounds like a good idea Really cracked down with the book now,so fingers crossed for the exam

    Is that book relevent to 4D aswell or just 3D?
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