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(Original post by musicboy)
I'll be taking my french horn and my saxophone - I am doing a music degree. And the lovely people at cambridge have told me that i get a piano in my room. How cool is that.


wow- i bet it will be a grand piano!!!
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(Original post by hornblower)
To be honest £200 does not sound much - sorry!
Heehee, that's because it's not a top-quality violin - I've only been learning for a year and a half and my Gran was hardly going to spend £1000s buying me an all-the-bells-and-whistles violin if I can't play it to the standard it deserves! Mine's a Prima Vera which is a good starting instrument - I know it does sound cheap, but if it was stolen/damaged I'd be too poor to replace it, so it is worth a lot to me! 'Sides, I can coax a decent sound out of it so that's good enough for me
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(Original post by Ladyluck)
Its best if you put on your accomodation form if you are taking an instrument, as some halls have practice rooms so you wont piss all your flat mates off.
Yeah, we got asked that by the college. They've put all the people who wanted to play instruments together on two staircases (although there are a scattering of others elsewhere, everyone on mine and the next door one plays). That way we only annoy each other and not the rest of the college.

The person I hear most is my next door neighbour, who sings, all the time. It's nice in a way, except when you're having an essay crisis.

Ruthiepoothie - I doubt it'll be a grand - just a decent upright most likely. Music students don't have to pay for them (I don't think???) but everyone else who wants one does. So I don't have one.
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