Diet Tablets - has anyone tried them

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    Hi All,

    I am training for my summer body, having been on a bulk over winter adding some nice muscle gains. I am not on a cut and have some Pro-10 Cla whihc has helped me in the past and they have a diet tablet called Ultralean (pro-10 that is) its a fat burner. Not sure really as stick to normal supplements but looking to shed the flab fast as Zante holiday coming up with the boys.

    Anyone taken a fat burner or ultralean. Anygood/bad? Any side effects?

    Any feedback will be thanked!

    Cheers all
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    no one?

    (Original post by Traininghard)
    Anyone taken a fat burner or ultralean. Anygood/bad? Any side effects?
    As a rule of thumb most fat loss supplements are very ineffective and can only increase fat loss by a couple of percent (if that). Sorting out your diet and exercise regime (ie; eating a calorie controlled diet, eating clean, exercising more, exercising harder) is where you are going to make the bulk of your progress.

    CLA - Negligible benefit from the studies I've seen, perhaps a 1-0.5% reduction in fat (if that). Prett pointless, especially given it's cost.

    "Ultralean" - It is just a protein supplement with some fibre, calcium and green tea extract added. Effect on fat loss? Again negligible. Fibre may aid satiety but it doesn't affect fat loss. Calcium can decrease fat absorption but again its effect is negligible, a double in dietary calcium intake only reduces fat absorption by a couple of grams. Green tea extract, again, pretty negligible, maybe a couple of extra percent (if that).

    Basically they contain a chemical which binds to some of the fat you eat so your body can't absorb it. It means that people don't have to give up all the food they enjoy to lose weight (though if you eat too much fat e.g. a mcdonalds whilst on them you will have some nasty side effects when you go to the toilet!)

    They sound great - eat nice food and lose weight - but as soon as you come off the pills, if you haven't changed your diet, you will put the weight on again. A better solution is to have some willpower and simply eat less fat.

    EDIT: Sorry I just noticed I think you are talking about something different, I haven't heard of Ultra Lean before but I'm talking about the diet pills you can get from the doctor/ pharmacy. Either way they probably work in a similar way and probably are not a great idea!
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    thanks for the advice.
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