a level choices Help:English lit,psychology,biology and ???

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    A Level Choices SO FAR: Biology, Psychology, and English Literature

    I'm currently in Year 11 and deciding what A Level options to pick - but I am STUCK! I'm not entirely sure about what career I would like to pursue in the future but possibly in the field of psychology or law

    My current option choices are Biology, Psychology, and English Literature I feel these would be suitable for Psychology or law, but if I were to change my mind about my future plans what would I be able to do with these options?!

    I've heard that there is no chance of getting into a medical career without Chemistry which comes to my question should i pick chemistry its not a strong pOInt of mine but if i put work in it i can do good. I'm predicted a B at gcse or should i pick a more humanities subject like philosophy,geography history or maybe even a language PLEASE HELP ME !!!!

    You don't need to take Psychology at A level to do it at uni, just fyi.
    Pick something you think you'd enjoy doing for the next two years. If you want to possibly go into medicine then pick Chemistry.

    In my experience if you haven't gotten an A in biology at gcse then don't take it, I only got a B and ive been struggling since. It's tonnes harder than you think. Take law or politics?

    Well, you wouldn't want to suddenly want to change to do medicine anyways because you'd have to do a lot of work experience and study for external tests

    My advise is to take maths, if you are currently doing well in it, because it's an all-rounded subject which would boost your application

    Yes, Maths would be good. Alternatively, a language would be highly beneficial (as usual!). For Law, History or a similar subject could be helpful.

    for psychology only bio is necessary (I believe), but psychology will help you know if you want to do it at degree level. For law, english is good, but another arts would be good, especially history. Medicine is highly competitive and something you really have to want to do... a lot of people applying will have at least two hard sciences and maths, most will have 3 science and maths or further maths, so think carely about whether that's something you want to commit to. I'd highly reccomend a language too, not many people take languages at A level and a knowledge of a MFL is something employers value.

    So, if you took for example Eng Lit, Psych, Bio and a language, you could do law, psychology, english, languages, linguistics, and a whole host of other subjects with no a level subject requirements (arch& anth, philosophy, politics, art history, journalism) as well as a few science subjects (not straight bio or med/vet, but perhaps annother 'ology')
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Updated: May 5, 2012
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