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    Hi everyone, first time posting a forum If im posting in the wrong forum section please tell me where to repost this...

    Basically my sqa higher modern studies exam is in a week and i am revising for the exam by trying looking at all the essays i have done and learning them by heart so if a similar question comes up then i know all the information and is the best way i revise for exams.

    I haven't really been paying attention in class in about the whole course untill i started the last topic because i thought i wouldn't be needing a grade for this subject for university but it turns out that i did! This has meant i have really poor essays to revise from for 3 out of 4 of the topics that i need to study for the exam. I will be really grateful if people could post essays that they got atleast 12/15 marks so i can revise them.

    The three topics i need essays from are:

    1) electoral systems, voting and political attitude which covers essays questions such as why fptp gives better representation and more choice to voters compared to Pr systems and factors that benefit voting behaviour etc.

    2)Wealth and health inequalities in the united kingdom which covers essay questions such as "poverty is the most important factor that affects health" etc.

    3) The united states of america which covers essay questions such as "asses the effectiveness of government policies to reduce social and economic inequalities in the usa" etc.

    I need as many essays as i can from those topics that range from 12-15 marks. I am starting to stress out... Thanks in advance!
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    (Original post by Coursework.info)
    It's been a while since you posted and nobody's replied yet...maybe you should check out Coursework.Info, TSR's sister site. It has the largest library of essays in the UK.

    They've got over 181,000+ coursework, essays, homeworks etc.. all written by GCSE, A Level, University and IB students across all topics. You get access either by publishing some of your own work, or paying £4.99 for a month's access. Both ways give you unlimited access to all of the essays.

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    Its fine bot. Done the exam now. I feel awkward talking a a bot but thanks for your help

    Can anyone answer me on this question? - "Poverty is the most important factor that affects health. Discuss" would you talk about income/social class for your first point then go on to talk about ethnicity etc?
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Updated: May 6, 2013
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