anyone heard of trigger finger?

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    a few weeks ago my index finger suddenley snapped out of place and it looked at a really odd angle- as if it was hanging out of its socket!

    It was also excruciatingly painful, i cant even explain it i was almost screaming.

    After about 30 seconds it seemed to snap back into place. So i assumed i must have moved funny or something and accidentally dislocated it.

    Anyway a couple of weeks later the same thing happened to the same finger. It looked like it was just hanging off my hand and i couldnt move it. And again it was really painful, and lasted about a minute.

    My manager today was mentioning trigger fingers and it sounded a bit like that. But im only young!!

    Does anyone know anything about trigger finger/thumb and how it can be caused? I use my computer a lot- could that be it?

    Something to do with the tendons that move your fingers? Better see a doctor.
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    yeh im gonna wait see if it happens again as its only happened twice in the past few weeks.

    But it literally snaps and bends and then pops back into place! agonising

    Okay I have trigger finger, all it is is an inflammation of the tendon in your finger making it click any time you bend it. That sounds NOTHING like what I've got! Seems more like a joint thing?

    Definitely go to your doctor.

    My mum and my sister were both born with trigger thumbs, their thumbs were bent over and occassionally snapped back into "normal" position, which my mum claims was incredibly sore. It means that the tendon is locked and too tight for the thumb to move properly .. Both of them needed surgery under GA to solve it.

    It doesn't sound like what you have though - although what you're saying does match with the NHS stuff on it:
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Updated: May 8, 2012
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