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Would you study medicine if you were me?? Watch

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    Ok so this is what I've been like my whole life, average student everywhere I went. I was never in bottom sets neither was I ever in the top sets. At GCSE's I got like 3 B's and the rest C's managed to get maths, english and science.
    I just remember never listening in school , I was one of them kids that thought about other stuff and looking out the window while the teacher spoke. I never revised untill GCSE's I had done some revision.
    A levels I became depressed and what not picked biology and overall got a D grade after resits. Got C in one module and E in the other. Depression at that time because parents split up)

    I'm at university right now studying social care It's ok...well actually no I hate it. I really really for long time wanted to go into medicine.

    On a serious note tho, I know some positive people will say you can do anything u put your mind to and yeah that's true but I've never been that bright kid. People who do medicine are the bright kids who got A's , who got awards. I never got an award in my life.

    I'm in first year again after failing a course last year due to being forced to do something I didn't want to and depression. I don't have the points to get into medicine.
    I do for the foundation degree, but is it worth going from a normal degree to a foundation degree? And is it worth it , because I've wasted two years now , what if in between I realise I was never bright enough to do it ?

    Everyones always known for for the kid who likes art, who's creative but those kids are never the ones who do something like medicine.

    Im afraid of studying it even though this is what I've really wanted to do, but then again everyone does but some people are just not bright enough?

    Can someone advise

    p.s I didn't post this to hear postive things please be honest. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
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    (Original post by pukka)
    Hmm.. I would advise you to get some work experience in the medical field, possibly shadowing a doctor in a hospital or working as a healthcare professional there.

    If you still want to do medicine after that, you should try applying for a foundation degree. Medicine is a very long career and one or two more years isn't really going to make a big difference. Applying for graduate entry medicine is also another option but this is a lot more competitive and given your situation, you will probably stand a better chance taking a foundation course.

    I would say I was in a similar position to you. I was never one of the smart kids in my class, always average, and then I failed my higher chemistry, twice, and struggled with higher English and Maths. So I wrote off medicine and went into music.
    I then found out I was dyslexic, which explains the struggling as my subjects became more advanced. Anyway, long story short, I finally went for medicine at 32, and am just about finished first year. It has been a difiicult and challenging year, adjusting to being a student again, and being in a class of 160 highly intelligent people, who have all been top of the year at school, and have A*s all over the place! Our course we get told our class rankings from the first exam on, and I know several of the bright ones have struggled with not being in the top 10 (well someone has to be last!!). I am quite happy sitting averagely in the middle!
    Your mindset has a lot to answer for, if you tell yourself you are not clever enough to be there, then you will end up believing that and failing. I came close to that, but my tutor pointed out that they rarely give places to people that arent capable, and the fact I got a place shows that I can do it.

    So aside from my long meaningless waffling, if you want to do medicine, you have to truly believe you CAN do it, and if you get a place then you WILL do it.

    I would also suggest trying to get a handle on the depression, both depression and low self esteem are not the best combination for commencing a challenging degree. So consider councilling, or speaking to your GP about your depression. Get some work experience to help you decide if the realities of medicine are actually for you. And then if it all adds up, apply for the foundation year. There is no point sticking in a degree that you hate. Will do you no good, and also will reflect in the classifcation at the end. (you have to consider this if you decide to look into graduate medicine)

    Good luck! (I better get back to studying.. exams in 6 days...)
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