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    I have decided to self teach myself A level Business Studies just to educate myself really so i have a bit more of an understanding and well to get another a level under my belt too and i have got a CGP AS revision guide and have started working through that but what text books does everyone use? is there one in particular that is worth getting?

    Do you have an iPad if you do download iTunesu and search A-LEVEL business; you should be able to do it on iPhone or any apple device.
    I also have an AQA textbook http://www.eden.co.uk/shop/aqa-as-bu...FU4lfAodVHsaWg This is very useful but the downside is the questions have no answers.


    I also teach myself Business Studies because my college weren't doing it, and i've been using both the Phillip Allen question book and textbook and I would recommend them. They are roughly £15 for both per unit and are a great way to enhance your study. I personally have been using these solely and I don't have any other sources of information, and these are revision guides therefore they are meant to help revise knowledge with brief details, so the detail of these might not be as significant as other books. I would recommend these, at least the textbook, as it offers brief note forms of knowledge you need to pass the exam.

    TL;DR: Phillip Allen are good.

    theres one called Essentials for AQA Business Studies. it has wooden men on the front and it gives a double spread per chapter in the AQA book. I used it for BUSS3 got 70 without it would have done poorly I would guess. didnt use it for AS because I hadnt found out about it through my own search on search engines and had only 10 days to revise 90% of BUSS4 after BUSS3 was over last year so didnt really get to benefit from the book in that regard. probably more useful for A2 than AS from my glance at the AS book. I still have it and might refer to it for my HNC Business next academic year.

    AQA Business Studies for AS / A2 Third Edition. Malcom Surridge and Andrew Gillespie.

    Its written by examiners and its really good!
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Updated: May 9, 2012
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