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    Hi well basically at aged nine my parents split up,(i am now 17) i live with my mum and her boyfriend in a very anti-social environment (we do not communicate, everyone eats and spend their time in their room or out) this i hate but every second weekend i get to go to my dads for two nights, i love going to my dads, we go out, socialise together and be like a family.

    Although because i am 17 and attending a college miles away i have to get a job, i had one for a couple of months during the Christmas period which still allowed me to go to my dads still although months later the money is running out and i haven't been able to afford to go out with friends for ages and i started to become very unsocial outside of college but i really don't want to get a job as i don't want to be stuck at my mums every day of my life (before i go uni) because it just the worst atmosphere compared to my dads,

    I think it makes it worst that the fact my mum knows i love going to my dads and when she was telling me the pros and cons of getting a job she clearly mentions to my sister that her pro is that she doesn't have to go to my dads anymore (she doesnt care about my dad) but clearly says thats a con for me, how could you just say its a con and put no sympathy for me?

    she knows i don't want to stop seeing my dads and she knows i hate home life because i purposely spend a lot of time at college or going out but she has never made it easier, i've told her about this but yet she brush it off her shoulder and acts like it is nothing.

    (being anon because i don't patically want my friends to find me suffering, my best friend knows how i feel but i dont want others to know, and well my username is always used by me and they can easily recognise it me)

    jealousy is **** eh. She knows that she can't change your mind and this antagonizes her. Unfortunately, instead of doing something about it, she just tries to makes things worse.

    Can't tell you I know what you go through, but have you taken this up with your dad? Maybe there's a way for your mom and dad to somewhat reconcile in order for you to stay there longer or is she absolutely determined on making your life a living hell?
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Updated: May 7, 2012
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