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    I have just been offered a place at Edinburgh to study the two-year Graduate Law degree.

    Having digested this very good news, and celebrated accordingly, my mind now turns to finance:

    I've already done one undergraduate degree so I'm not eligible for funding from the SLC or SAAS, and because it's not a postgrad course I can't apply for Masters funding. It's going to cost £8750 a year, and career development loans are capped at £10k.

    Does anyone know what other options are available - are there any other bodies out there that will offer a loan to cover both years? Any suggestions would be much appreciated

    It seems as though you have given it a fair shot at the usual sources of funding and come up stuck. I would advise against anything like a commercial loan as it would be insane to take one and then enter study.

    Have you thought about working for a year or two and putting away as much as you can and then going for it with finance then?

    I looked on the Bham University website and found "Graduate LLB" listed as a postgraduate course?

    The best bet is to ask the student finance company wherever you are based what the deal is.


    Why not take a GDL?

    I've just been accepted onto the graduate LLB at Edinburgh too.

    Have a look at the Carnegie Trust as a possible source of funding. The university will also give you a discretionary fund of approx GBP 1000 if you can prove you need it which should be easy once you pay the fees. The Student Loans Company should give you a loan of approx GBP 4000 even if you are doing another undergraduate course. They are giving me one, so I don't see why they wouldn't give you one.

    I've heard from another source that Lloyds may be offering some kind of career development loan that doesn't follow the usual rules. I'll let you know if I find anything.
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Updated: August 11, 2012
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