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Nice clothes? Watch

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    So I'm 21 now, and I've never really bothered with getting nice stuff. I've occasionally got a nice tshirt but never really cared so much.

    Anyway, figured I'd start making an effort (linked primarily to breaking up with my GF a few months ago I guess)

    Was gonna go into town tomorrow and get some TM Lewin shirts (Nicest fitting shirts I've ever worn), some casual, some non-casual - it's 4 shirts for £90 so figured I'd get 2 casual and 2 work shirts (ready for my summer internship. I'll likely be buying 4 more work shirts nearer the time, and it'd be handy to have 4+2)

    What else should I get? I was thinking of getting a bunch of cheap t-shirts to wear under shirts, and probably a few more shirts.

    I was considering buying some chinos for the first time in my life. I just figured I'd be a lot more comfortable if I always dressed a little bit smarter. I've pretty much exclusively worn huddies, t-shirts and jeans from since I can remember.

    I was considering visiting a few charity shops to see if they have any nice jackets/blazers. My friend got a really nice Hugo Boss one for like £20, though I guess that was a rare find. I don't really have a whole load of spare cash.

    Any thoughts? What swag do the goers of TSR usually wear?

    It depends on your style. But I love Primark. I know its slave labour and bad quality and BLAH BLAH BLAH. But I can't afford to shop anywhere else. Plus they have chinos in my size!!! You have no idea how amazing that is!!! I'm tall and skinny and most shops would have you belief my waistline is impossible with my leg length... Anyways, wear whatever suits you and makes you look good, as well as what you're comfortable in.

    As for shirts; I like Hollister because of the quality and the fit. My family also has access to special offers and the Jack Wills Outlet Store online. I'm not a major Jack Wills fan but again good quality, fit and generally nice stuff. Only buy it if you can get it cheap though. Maybe you could try shopping online for bargains. ASOS is good because if you don't like it / it doesn't fit you can just return it.

    I'm tired. I hope this somehow helped.

    Edit: and another thing. Now is the time to experiment with your style: when you're young and you can get away with it. I bought a tweed jacket last summer. It's not really my thing but I like it and even though I don't have much chance to wear it I'm glad I got it. It's good to try new things, even when it comes to clothes.

    Chinos are a good idea too. They just are. They're like jeans but less boring.

    I know it's the wrong time of year, but a nicely cut coat is always a bit nifty. And a nice cashmere jumper is a bit of a 'luxury investment' (or whatever :rolleyes:) but seriously nice to wear and will look good with all sorts of outfits.

    I've found Uniqlo is quite good in terms of quality/cost. Marks & Spencer do nice jumpers/basics.
    But the charity shop idea is always worth it too for things like that. You just need to look for good cuts and nice fabrics which aren't going to go baggy/faded etc. after the first wash.

    Where do you think I can find discount cashmere?

    Buy classic items that never go out of fashion.

    Long sleeve shirts (not button down collar), polo shirts. Plain white t-shirts work well as undershirts.

    Light wool v-neck or chunky zip neck sweaters.

    Leather boots, shoes, and belts to match.

    Dark denim jeans, straight leg or slight bootcut. If you must buy chinos, make sure they're smart straight leg ones. Personally I prefer cords in the winter and and linen in the summer.

    Maybe get a sports jacket.

    Buy a decent winter coat: either a wool trench coat, a pea coat or a decent quality leather jacket.

    Most high street shops are ok for clothes, M&S, Next, Banana Republic, Uniqlo, Austin Reed, Debenhams, John Lewis, BHS, down to Matalan and Tescos at the value end. Avoid topman and river island or branded stores.
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