Studying an IR/related masters in the UK

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    I recently completed an IR honours degree in New Zealand and am wanting to complete a (self-funded) taught masters in the UK. Basically I want to know...

    What schools do I have a chance of getting into? I managed a first, with grades for my four honours year papers being A, A, A- and B+. Ideally I would prefer to end up either in or close to London as I have friends and family there.

    Are there still likely to be places at some decent schools for 2012/13 or shall I wait another year and try and gain some work experience?

    I'm pretty naive about the whole thing so any guidance is much appreciated!

    Admissions are still on, if u manage to complete an online application within a day..u have a chance of getting into a decent univ...I myself are clueless about reputations and simply following the ranking tables...

    Times Univ Ranking 2012
    Guardian Univ League tables 2012

    I think that SOAS and King's College IR degrees are still open for applications. UCL has some great IR-related programmes and these are still open too. LSE and Oxbridge are closed however.
    I think that is worth applying asap as the aformentioned three Universities still open to applications are excellent institutions.

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    Wait another year and do your homework on the best options. It's a hell of a lot of money and a big chance to take on a last minute, rushed job. You are getting into the territory (time period) where there is a reason universities still have places..........
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    Thanks for the responses everyone. I've had applications for KCL and UCL ready, just waiting for my transcripts to come through (hopefully today or tomorrow). I don't think Oxbridge or LSE are realistic for me, so it doesn't really matter that they've closed. I'm just kind of testing the waters at this stage, if I don't have any luck I will make a more concentrated effort for 2013/14. Thanks again!
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Updated: May 8, 2012
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