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    It's been three weeks now since I was supposed to get student finance, and I've still had nothing. I called them up a couple of weeks ago, and they said my account had been blacklisted because a letter had gone undelivered. They checked my address, resent it and told me to sign it and send it back. I called back a few days later to ask what it was I was supposed to receive, and they said it was a declaration statement, seemingly sent in error. She said I wasn't supposed to get another - it's something they send at the start of each year as a prerequisite to any payments. She apologised, and reactivated my account for me.

    According to what I was told, I would have to wait up to 72 hours, then my account would be reactivated and payments would be generated as they were supposed to. This was about 10 days ago. I also received the mentioned declaration a few days ago, signing and posting it on wednesday last week.

    I'm starting to lose my patience now. I've been fined £30 for not paying my rent (which I obviously couldn't without student finance), meaning I've had to apply for an overdraft of £1200. I've also spent about £15 on calling credit just so I can sit on hold for ten minutes before speaking to someone who barely understands what I'm saying.

    I'm also a little concerned regarding the payment of tuition fees now - the payment to my university was supposed to be made on the 2nd of May, and I've got a feeling that that won't have been made either. What could happen if they didn't get that money?

    On a side note, do I have any grounds to claim for the money that they've cost me? I doubt it in all honesty - I'm still not sure I'll get the grant and loan - but it could be worth trying.

    I dont understand... Is this your first time applying to student finance? e.g. ---? You're going to uni next year?

    If so, they wont give you any money anyway until september time when term starts.

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Updated: May 9, 2012
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