To what extent does doing an extra year in college harm your university application?

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    I'm quite pessimistic at the moment that I'm going to achieve high grades in all four of my AS levels, however I'm confident I'm going to attain two A grades (History and Politics).

    I'm not particularly bothered about the time commitment of retaking an AS year, but more-so how it will affect my chances of getting into a good unversity (perhaps top fifteen or so?). I was planning to pick up two new AS levels (since I despise Geography and Literature, hence why I'm likely to get a D-C level grade) and carry on History and Politics at A level. Then, the year after carry the other two AS levels onto A level, and pick up some more AS levels and perhaps even attempt to continue Literature at A level.

    So in total I would hopefully get:

    Mathematics AS
    Sociology A level
    Law A level
    (some other AS)
    History A level
    Politics A level
    Literature AS (mediocre grade)
    Geography AS (mediocre grade)
    (perhaps carry on Literature to A level)

    I was wondering whether this is a good idea, and how it would affect my chances of gaining entry into a good university for a course such as Politics+History, PPE and such.

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    Say goodbye to the following:

    LSE, Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial

    Well I started a BTEC and then left it a few months in. The following September I started a different BTEC and I was given an offer by every university I applied to as I'm finishing the second BTEC next month and I applied to good universities. Obviously doesn't really have that much of an effect and your reason seems way better than mine AND you're doing A Levels. If I got accepted anyway on an unfinished and soon to be finished BTEC I doubt you'll have any issues.

    the first poster that said say goodbye to those top universities, I can't say they're incorrect because I didn't apply to those ones but you don't really have to worry all that much.

    In the same situation just that quite different as I am doing 2 years A levels in maths economics Business Physical Education and a year of GCSEs before i do them so Ill be doing 3 years in college the reason for the 3 years is because I chose btecs in school and they are worthless so am doing 5 GCSE subjects Maths All the sciences and Psychology I allready have a GCSE in english and maths from school anyway so that would leave me with 6 GCSEs and BTECs in Sport ICT and Business whats the chances of me going to a good university to do Accounting and Finance because ill be a year older than the people applying for the same course?
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Updated: August 30, 2012
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