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    Hi everyone, 1st ever post

    Anyway, I'm starting a post-grad in September and I've applied for Opal Gardens accomodation as my number 1 choice. Can anyone give me the low down on what it's like socially? Is there a an active social life, do people head out much or is it all study, study, study. I am doing a course with a pretty heavy workload so I do need some peace and quiet but at the same time I'm not a complete hermit, I do like the odd drink now and again...quite regularly actually .

    Also, how far is to the university walking-looks about 20 minutes? Is the actual accomodation of a good standard-room size/bathroom etc.? Basically anything I should know as all previous threads are a little lacking.

    The website refers to it as being quiet and all-postgrad, and postgrads are known for their quietness . . . so fairly quiet I would imagine! If it is that bit too quiet, then I'd suggest joining a society - I know it's a cliché, but people recommend joining for a good reason!

    It's a 15 min walk to the south of main campus, 25 minutes to north end of main campus, and 35 minutes to North (Sackville Street) Campus (only applicable if you're doing sciences). If you've got a bike, you'll probably find that more convenient.
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    Cheers for the reply, ah I can live with fairly quiet I suppose. I lived at home for my undergrad degree so I was hoping for a bit of a buzz in the halls (very few are open to 52 week postgrads actually) but maybe joining a society is a good idea!

    Hmmm, I'm pretty much bang in the middle of the main campus so 20 minutes walking seems to be about right, I only asked as I really, really, really don't like cycling...

    Fair play re the cycling; it's my main form of transport nowadays, but I have to admit that it can be a bit hairy at times.

    If you're after a bit more 'buzz', why not go for university-owned accommodation that accepts postgrads and undergrads? There are a lot listed as being open for 51 weeks, and a few listed for 52 weeks. However, having spoken to accommodation staff (with regards to Oak House, although it does apply to all accommodation), I know that it is possible to extend your accommodation contract, although you may find yourself moving flats once your original contract ends.
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