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    I'm developing a fun little pond-dipping key for use with families this summer. It is a little waterproof book with bright pictures of typical pond creatures, complete with a brief description.

    What I need a few suggestions for is an alternative to categorizing a creature as common, uncommon, and rare. I had the idea of a green to red scale (friendly-fierce) but I think that'll be too much for some parents when their child fishes up a great diving beetle which would be at the high end of 'fierce' - you can see the problem there.

    So any ideas for a different spin on common-uncommon-rare? Or a nifty alternative?


    I'll be around here most of the day so I'll be responding to any queries, suggestions, etc :cool:

    maybe something simple like one frog for common, two frogs for less common and a princess for rarity ...


    ^I like that one.
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    I like that one too, I'll jot it down Thank you
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Updated: May 11, 2012
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