Bad itching

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    I have really bad itching all over and it's getting beyond the realms of 'I can handle this ****'. It's been about a week.

    It started on my forearms, but not it's mostly on my legs, elbows and chest, but nowhere is safe.

    I have no idea what has caused it. I haven't changed washing powder or anything, and my girlfriend usually stays around and is fine so it's nothing on my bed or in my house in general.

    The only thing I could think of is anxiety or stress, as it's exam season. But I've always had anxiety and it has never come out like this, it is always breathing/chest problems or panic attacks. This is keeping me awake at night (like this!) and it's impossible to sit in a library properly.

    I've made myself bleed and quite honestly it looks like I'm a self harmer, as my wrists/middle arm are scratched and red raw. My legs are the same. It's just so damn painful.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    You should see your GP.

    It seems a bit long to be an alergic reaction unless you are coming in contact with the allergen on a day-to-day basis. Are you eating/drinking anything that you would not normally?

    It could be eczema but it sounds like a major attack and if you've never had eczema before I'm not sure it'd come like this and so suddenly.

    What does the itchy area look like? Is it red or inflamed or scaly or bumpy, etc? That will narrow down what it might be
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    It wasn't an allergic reaction as I've had them before and this is over a period of time.

    (Original post by cats are cool)
    What does the itchy area look like? Is it red or inflamed or scaly or bumpy, etc? That will narrow down what it might be
    Well, it looks like nothing! There's no bumps or anything, it just itches, which is why I think it's anxiety.
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Updated: May 14, 2012
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