Anglia Ruskin and the "anti-rich" protest vs Cambridge University boaties (16 Jun)?

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    According to this article in the Cambridge Tab, thousands of anarchists, class war protestors and animal rights protestors are going to try to block the "bumps", the Cambridge University rowing event on 16 June. They say they are protesting against Cambridge University "elitism" and arrogance.

    What do people at Anglia Ruskin think of this?

    Apparently the protestors have chosen this date because it is when the big annual Cambridge University rowing event, the "May Bumps" will be held, which they see as an important date in the calendar of the rich elite "toffs". I think it's also something to do with "May Week", usually held in June.

    What's your view? Are the protestors a tiny misguided minority? Or are they expressing the kind of justified views held by lots of people in the Cambridge area? Will you be passively cheering on one side or the other? Will you be actively taking part, either in defence of the Cambridge University rowing event or in the protest aimed at disrupting it?

    I've posted a poll. Click here to vote.

    Cambridge isn't just for the super rich.

    Anglia Ruskin Fail.

    All that about elitism is a load of crap there lazy ****s who do **** all and cant stand people who do, if they ruin bumps they are ruining it for everyone as bumps is fun for everyone who is involved PLUS anglia ruskin also take part and they are not an elite university! This kind of crap is what ruined the Cambridge/ Oxford race where 16 individuals had worked sooo hard for that opportunity and then some arrogant prick goes and totally ****s it up they should have just run him over!! ... Well thats what i think

    Are the protestors a tiny misguided minority?
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    Another article now in the Cambridge Tab: "Take your class war elsewhere".
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Updated: May 13, 2012
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