Does what I have written meet the marking criteria? (criteria included)

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    Hi this is for my research proposal and I am just including the aims and objectives for now and I was wondering if someone could look over it and give me some advice? (on how to word it better etc.) and also to see if it meets the marking criteria?

    I am just going to post the 'aims and objectives' for now.

    Aims & Objectives: The aim of this research is to see if a preference for fair-skin exists among young New Zealand citizens (specifically those that were born in NZ) of Indian ancestry. I am trying to see if such deep-seated beliefs that exist in India transfer to young Indians that grow up in a multi-cultural society such as New Zealand, as they will be more exposed to different viewpoints and beauty ideals from birth or will there be a change in such beliefs? I also want to see if there is a correlation between their attitudes to skin-colour and how integrated each individual is into New Zealand society.

    This is the marking criteria:

    For an A: clearly outline both aims and objectives. Objectives are precise and measurable in term of having been met. Do they identify a number of specific objects that can be met?

    I'm a bit lost on the objectives. What do they mean?

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    Yes, but you need to build on previous research showing and explain how you got to your research question/idea/hypothesis.

    In your case I think you're saying people in India find lighter skin more appealing? You'll need to have research showing that for the most marks.
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Updated: May 18, 2012
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