Have been a poor sleeper for as long as I can remember - advice?

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    I have had chronic fatigue for a few years as well, I think they're related

    Make sure your room is as dark as possible - the light disrupts your eyes trying to "shutdown"
    Have you tryed aromatherapy oil or something like it on your pillow (if it's trouble trying to fall asleep?)

    how much sleep do you get

    de clutter your room.make sure it's pitch black.have warm milk and honey and just don't do anything before bed,give yourself chance to wind down.some people just don't sleep well though :/

    avoid caffeine before about 5 hrs of sleep

    I have chronic fatigue and also have trouble sleeping.

    Sleep hygiene is very important, try having your room only for sleep. Dont do any work/revision in your room if that is at all possible.

    Medication such as Melatonin (look online to buy it) may help. Hypnosis tapes may help (although I found them very annoying after a while!) Relax yourself before bed, deep breathing and imagining all of your worries leaving your body.

    Try to get some exercise done in the day (although I appreciate with Chronic fatigue this may be hard). A short walk is good, but not too close to bedtime (ideally 3-4pm is good).

    Take a warm bath before bed and then have your room fairly cool, the temperature difference triggers a chemical reaction inside your head that makes you sleepy.

    Okay I think thats most of the suggestions I have been given, I hope at least one of them will help you!

    Just had another thought, its called 'Progressive Muscle Relaxation'

    Basically you work your way up the body tensing and then relaxing muscles:
    Start with the feet, clench them for 10 seconds then release and wait for 20 seconds.
    Then tense the bottom half of your leg using the same time frame
    Then the top half
    Next tense your buttocks
    Then your chest muscles
    Then the top of your arms, the bottoms and then clench the hands
    Loosen the neck by slowly moving it in circular motions
    Finally scrunch up your face and then release

    All these should be done, holding for 10 seconds and then releasing for 20 seconds. I normally do it lying in bed. If you want more detail do a google search they may explain it better than me!
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Updated: June 3, 2012
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