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I left Durham before the end of the last term mostly because of my course partly because of the place. After living in London it felt small claustrophobic and a bit grey and dull, but it's still basically a nice friendly place and I wouldn't mind going back there next year studying my new course, I'm sure I'd get used to it. I made loads of friends some of whom I'm still in contact with.
Ive reapplied to some London unis this year but still have the chance to go back to durham (law by the way). Looking on the forum trying to suss out what the social scene is like at UCL/LSE, to make comparisons with Durham Ive come across a lot of UCL-bashing (specifically from marina)! What is the place like really? She makes it out to be unfriendly and cliquey (specifically "dominated by asians") Don't want to use a cliche but I have asian friends and am the most non-racist person ever, but its not good news if any group of people for any reason stick together in insular social groups. I do have friends who are there who say its great, but people aren't always truthful. So what is the truth? I know there is no such thing really, but at least some non-fanatical, impartial opinions would be good as the comments ive seen have got me worried!

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Thats cos its called UCL
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