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Is it possible to identify uniform/non-uniform acceleration from displace-time graph? Watch

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    Is it possible to identify uniform/non-uniform acceleration from displacement-time graph?

    Ok.. gradient tells you the velocity. If the graphs a curve you know its accelerating.

    To answer my question I was thinking that you could find the rate of change, of the rate of change, but this is then just the gradient of a velocity-time graph, so not really using the distance-time graph?

    If you measure the gradient of the s-t graph at intervals along the time axis and then plot these gradient values on a new graph along the time axis you get a v-t graph.
    If this second graph is a straight line then you know the first graph was uniform acceleration.
    It's the graphical way of doing it. This is more or less what you suggested in your post.

    Yeah but PRACTICALLY it's going to be easier to plot velocity against time and look for changing gradient rather than looking at displacement against time and try to look for changes in rate of change of the gradient. The same amount of information is still available there though.

    Iirc roller coaster designers call the rate of change of acceleration in time 'jerk'
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