Music Tech - what unis to look at?

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    Hey all, if you are doing music technology or going to, what courses are good? There are lots to look at but ive been researching and alot dont sound like what I want to do. I want to learn more about technology, production, acoutics and composing. Some of the courses are all arty but no tech content, others look like electronics and have no music. So the course has to do both and take btec students (ddm or ddd i hope)

    Is falmouth any good?

    Ive firmed my spot at Falmouth to do CMT and it looks amazing. Compared to all the other unis i applied to this one was focused on tailoring the course to what you really wanted to focus on. So if you're a performer as well as wanting to be ace in the studio then you can do both. You also get free 1 to 1 mentoring lessons in whatever you want (Musical related) so tuitions for instruments singing, extra studio lessons, mastering etc.

    Plus its so ****ing beautiful there.

    LCM or Bournemouth are very good if you want the focus to be on Music instead of sound They have everything you described in the post, but obviously being successful in a Music Tech career starts with your ability first.
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Updated: June 13, 2012
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