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    watching videos online, i seem to have this recurring problem... the video does play, but not normally (i.e. 1 second of vid plays every second).... it seems to play half a second of the vid, pause for an instant (e.g. like a tenth of a second), play the next half second, pause and so on.... it may not seem so significant but its damn well annoying...

    ive tried waiting for buffer to complete, still happens... ive played videos saved on my laptop, and they play fine... it happens on various sites so it shouldnt be a site issue...

    im using an ethernet connection to my laptop, so it cant be some kind of interference issue with wifi. regarding all other internet activity, at the start of the uni year, there were problems, with loading/connection cuts etc, but it seems to be resolved now... downloading is fine, pages like TSR/facebook/google images load like normal... so it seems like just an online video issue... im about to install a new driver for the graphics card, but there was nothing wrong with watching videos last term, so im not holding out hope for this...
    seriously doubt its a virus problem, nothing showed up with avast (not that id expect it to for this). restarting the laptop doesnt resolve it

    could it be a problem on my end (which could hopefully be resolved) or is it some sort of issue on the unis end?
    i texted a friend in the same building just now...he said hes not had problems (currently watching iplayer)
    im about to email the IT support team but thought the TSR computer geniuses may be able to lend a hand in resolving this :holmes:

    Go on SpeedTest and tell me what you get.

    Try a different web browser to what you are currently using, if that solves it trying reinstalling your current one, if not then it may be a problem with flash, download and try reinstalling that , doubt it is your laptop/graphics card if it plays non online videos fine and won't be the uni if you are the only one it happens too.

    Make sure your flash player is up to date as well :yes:

    having exact same issue made a thread for it as well

    what uni you at btw?
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Updated: May 22, 2012
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