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Kicked out of college?

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    I have been struggling through my first year of AS. I am resitting 3 Jan 12 exams and got 4 Module 2s to do.

    I have been asked to improve "Academic success" or I will not be allowed to study for A2 next year

    Do colleges really do that? My behaviour is fine and I have 99.5% attendance

    What did you get in january?

    If you're not achieving the basic requirement for the college/sixth form academically then they are not in the wrong here. For example at my sixth form you have to get (I think) 2Ds to do A2 - not a particular high barrier.

    Good luck with the exams
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    I need all Ds. I got A E U U

    at my college, if you didn't get a b for AS, you would have to ask/ beg your tutor to stay on the course. If you didn't have three courses that let you saty on, u'd get kicked out. my college was so far up its own arse, but it wasn't even that great. they just thought they were.
    they can do that if that's their conditions. but it says a lot that despite your work, they are willing to kick you out instead of helping you improve. If I were you, I'd walk.

    For my English, i didn't get the B, even though I was predicted an A*. I told the head of department this, explaining that I cleary was a good student with a knowlege of the subject, but maybe my writing style was off. I asked him if there was anything the department could do to help me find out what was wrong. He then told me 'its not what they could do for me, It was what I could do for them' I told him that that wasn't what I thought education was about, and that I thought it was better if I didn't continue the subject as i did not agree with his stance.

    my other subjects were fine. more bad **** happened later, but i doubt anyones too interested as it isn't particuarly relevant. maybe I'm bitter/pissed off about what happened to me, but:

    If they are telling you that you not good enough, and despite your work, they won't help you, walk. go to a college that is worth its tuition fees and will help you.
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Updated: May 19, 2012
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