Employer withholding pay for un-returned uniform?

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    Left my job 2 sundays ago, and was told to return my uniform in my own time. Yet got a phone call today saying they will not pay me until i return it, and so i'll probably return it tommorow. I've just been busy about exams. Can they actually do this? Or has it happened to any of you?

    They shouldn't do that..I worked for Waterstone's as a christmas temp from October to the middle of January. Still not returned my uniform (out of forgetfulness,and the fact that my new job is not in the town centre) but they still fully paid me.

    All the same, best to get it back to them to avoid any arguments

    If it's in your contract they can. It's like universities not letting you graduate if you have unpaid library fines.

    It will be in your contract. My former employers did this also, and it was written into the contract AND handbook. However the normal thing is to withhold part of your wages to 'cover' the cost of your uniform and not your full wages.

    You should really have been aware of conditions surrounding leaving the job though. I understand you were busy, but a family member or friend could have dropped it in for you, surely.
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Updated: May 27, 2012
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