Popular chemistry questions c2 & c3 aqa exam past papers

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering what are the mopst popular questions that frequently pop up from time to time in the chemistry unit 2 & 3 higher exams.
    For example like in Biology they always have those 4 mark questions on "How does increased heartrate help during exercise..."

    Anything will be appreciated!

    i think questions about ammonia production is often used

    There's usually some kind of maths related one e.g empirical formula, working at the Mr or percentage yield.
    - Why rate of reaction increases due to concentration/temp/pressure
    - Why metals can conduct electricity or something like why graphite/diamond has the properties they have
    - electrolysis
    - Endo and exothermic reactions/reversible reactions


    (For AQA) They will most definitely have you regurgitate how to do a titration (easy), a question on testing for positive/negative ions (hate those), something on environment with either fuels or stuff like that, bond energy calculations (higher), water hardness and possibly ion exchange columns, the history of either the periodic table and/or acids an bases (mendeleev for first and arrhenius, bronsted, lowry), definitely somethibgon periodic table on reactivity and/or transition metals. That's most of it.

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    They always seem to have questions of the periodic table, and it's usually really simple facts to learn
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Updated: May 23, 2012
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