Skills and experience needed to apply to work at American summer camp!

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    I'm 19 and currently finishing up my first year at university, and want to apply to work at a summer camp in America next year, not sure which company with yet, but I'm worried that I won't have enough specific skills and childcare experience to be accepted. The only skills I can think of that I could put down are that I've done singing lessons and have a brown belt in Jujitsu, for which I had to help out teaching in a few junior lessons. I'm also planning to take a beginners course in archery during summer, but would that be enough to stand a good chance? And then in terms of childcare experience, the only things I have are babysitting, work experience at a primary school a few years ago and helping out in a few lessons at secondary school. So are they looking for someone with more experience and specific skills or would that be enough? Is there anyone that managed to get onto a program with a similar amount of experience? If not, what more would I need to do before I would stand a reasonable chance? Thanks for reading and I'd really appreciate any help!

    Doesn't sound bad to me, but I can only speak for my personal experience.
    If you can make your experience sound substantial on the application, that'll be the big test of it. When I applied for this summer, I needed two references from people who had seen me work with children, so would your experience be enough to give you that.
    I had 2 years experience of working with kids in my activity, but I also got asked to interview by a camp within 5 hours of my application being sent out, so I'm guessing that that much meant they didn't have trouble placing me. I'd definitely take the time you have to get some more experience - maybe scouts or guides or something? And the more you can get of experience coaching something the better.

    If you can play a wind instrument whilst marching, drink out of red plastic cups and say dude every 3 minutes then you should have all the skills necessary to fit into American summer camp.
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Updated: May 23, 2012
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