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    I need advise guys. for a few pointers: if you could answer in the same fashion would be great just to clear out some things in my head.
    I consider myself mature, served the army worked a year in a multinational firm, social, fun and outgoing- a mixture of " have to get this doen (study) and "Burp" "another shot man///"
    So the questions are:
    1) Accomodation - either campus or non campus ( great / cheap or expensive places with a good vibe and personality...

    2) Living cost - for 1 month "average" things like - food /drinks /clubs/ bars(avg. beer etc) / restaurants/shops / travelling *bus/train/car etc...( anything to do with budget)

    3)Places to go and see (Daylife Vs Nightlife)

    4) People - Mentality / Hospitality / Kindness / Rudness whatever scale 1-10

    5) Scale 1-10 ( current students // do you enjoy your campus / uni years)

    6) Studying - scale 1-10 about the lecturers and actuall lessons + facilities

    7) Clubs (Gym/sports / dunno curry lovers or whatever etc...)

    8) Dress code (Citywise / Bars / Clubs - general public )

    9) How is freshers week?

    Thanks for reading and possibly answering any of this questions - cant wait to arrive in september.

    Hey I'm going into my second year at Scarborough doing English Lang and Lit. I'm also a Student Ambassador so hopefully I can maybe help a bit ^_^''

    1. I live off-campus, but halls are good as well, if ridiculously priced. If you like your sleep/cooking your own food/more independence/being closer to town/supermarkets then off-campus is better.

    2. Not very much at all compared to bigger places. Scarborough is quite cheap. Tesco, Lidl, Iceland, Herons, etc. for food are cheap, single bus from town to uni is currently £1.70 and bars are super cheap on a wednesday student night with drinks from £1.

    3. Daylife: beach, town, north bay (swimming pool, peasholme park, sealife centre), walking trails along the cliffs, the castle (quite a trek but worth the walk).
    Nightlife: Good bars for early on in the night are Bar2B, Snowy's and Pier 1. Clubs include Quids Inn, Blue Lounge, The Barbican (big screen for football & rugby) and Vivaz and Boleyns, both of which are open until 5.

    4. Locals are generally harmless if a bit odd. Everyone at uni that i've met is generally a nice person, and by the end of the year you'll pretty much know everyone anyway, so you'll suss them out quickly enough.

    5. I'd probably rate my experience about 7/10 for this year. I've enjoyed it!

    6. Depends what you're doing. Things like business/tourism tend to be over-crowded but well taught, Digital Media and Music have an entire building to themselves for their resources and Marine Biology have awesome labs.

    7. Sports teams are pretty good, especially rugby, hockey and cricket

    8. Whatever you like

    9. Never gonna be as good as the big campus's in big cities, but it's what you make of it I personally had a fantastic freshers week...
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Updated: May 27, 2012
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