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Unintended weight loss... Watch

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    (Original post by snowflake23)

    I'm 19 years old, and fairly short - about 5ft.

    I have quite a small body frame (genetics), and aimed to gain some weight since last year. Last summer my peak weight was just about 7 stones and this year it's remained about 6 and a half stones which I was fine with.

    Anyway, so I was really shocked when I weighed myself just now and found that i've become only 6 stones! I have been eating normally and have been quite inactive for the past 2 months due to revision leave for my exams, so I expected to see some weight gain (plus my clothes does not seem any baggier or anything). Is there an explanation for this? I'm really pissed right's like my body doesn't want me to gain weight.
    Just eat more.

    You lose weight when energy in<energy out.

    Eat to your heart's content and stuff your face :drool:

    Stress can have a large affect on weight. If you've been stressed over exams (whether you've realised it or not) it can make you lose weight, even if you're eating the same. Also, when I'm stressed I tend to eat less without realising... are you sure you're eating the same?
    I wouldn't worry about it unless you don't gain the weight back after exams have been over for a while.
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Updated: May 26, 2012
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