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Hello to this forum, sorry about opening this new thread in such a rush however i dont have much time as i have a statistics project in for tomorrow.

I study Pure Mathematics and Statistics and currently am in Top set.

Basically i know how to do it etc. but i need sum1 to help me figure out what it means in relation to my data, if it even does!? i just need extra marks to help my final grade. Spearman's Rank is seen as a difficult working so it will help me.

I am comparing pocket money between different years and sets in my school, for example

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6
Yr11 17.9 12.6 10.6 12 12 8.9
Yr10 10.6 8.7 7.1 8.9 9.2 10.2

Ive figured out that the Agreement is 0.242857, this means theres not much correlation, but cud one of you please explain what this means in terms of " Yr11 sets had more etc, less Sprea," im not too sure. PLEASE HELP! tonite if possible.

Cheers in Advance
What's Chico Time Precious?
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urm the closer the value is to 1 or -1 then the stronger the correlation, this means how related the data is.

For example a value of 0.1 may be found between the variables of favourite colour and show size, in other words the data is unrelated, little correlation
Then maybe a value of 0.9 may be found between height and shoe size meaning the data is relative and one variable depends on the other.

hope that helps, if it doesn't nevermind.
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