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    I finished my land law paper yesterday. Had to do 4 questions. 1st one went well, 2nd and 3rd were okay with some minor errors and maybe 1 major error but overall satisfactory. However for the 4th I ran out of time and just jotted down 3 or 4 points of which 2 of them are wrong. So the 4th question may end up failing me.. I just have to wait and see till 16th August.

    Anyway, have you ever being in a situation where you thought you would fail but ended up passing or getting good marks? Share your story

    Yeah absolutely. On a psychology a-level in January I got a U. Then I retook it in june, and came out crying. I wasnt even acting, I thought I did worse than the last time (how thats possible I dont know!). But in August I got a B and I was thrilled. To top it all off, by B was 7 marks off an A.
    Now, I know people will say how did I think I did badly but get such a good grade.
    But thats the truth, I was shocked beyond belief.

    Did my AS English lit exam and it went horribly! I felt so ill and we were 45 minutes late starting and I got questions I didn't like as well.. went home and cried and cried because I really didn't want to fail and have to retake. Turns out I got full ums marks on that paper!! (Still genuinely don't know how that happened - examiner must have been mad!)
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Updated: May 30, 2012
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