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Men and women - which women's dress size do you think is ideal? POLL

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Original post by joker12345
I don't see the problem with thinking thin>fat ... with the whole anorexia hype I think people have forgotten that obesity is just as big, and perhaps still more common, health risk.

again that's not what i said i am talking about ISAs posts in general.
Original post by Bellissima
again that's not what i said i am talking about ISAs posts in general.

the more you quote her back the more she persists. it's not worth it, she isn't going to change her opinion based on what you say on here. and to be honest what she says is true. being thin is seen as more attractive than being fat. it's not her fault. and i wish i was a size 8 to be honest.
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Implying I have any idea what dress sizes actually mean.
As long as they're healthy and happy the size they are, I don't see what the problem is. I'd say anything from 8-14 is generally the healthiest range, maybe 6 is you're a naturally thin/small frame.
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It doesnt matter what your dress size is.. we care too much about appearances,as long as your happy thts all that counts, not others opinions
It's completely subjective- there can't be an overall ideal surely.. (well unless you base this on what the media conveys, but even their ideals fluctuate- I think people shouldn't feel pressured to fit into the apparent societal idealisms, you should be who you want to be. )

Given I have said be who you want to be, you should take into consideration that some weights-(which can contribute to clothing size, (I know height does too)) aren't healthy.. So long as you don't do yourself any harm by being a certain weight, then any size is ok:smile:

Personally, I for me, for my body, my goal size would be a size 8. On the basis that I'm most confident when I'm thinner.
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Original post by pellejema
I honestly don't think that guys have any idea what female dress sizes look like? Correct me if I'm wrong, obviously.

I for one haven't the foggiest, only that 0 is ridiculously small, but not actually 0 inches/centimetres in circumference.
It depends on height though. I'm pudgey, but cos I'm short i can fit into 10/12. But ym friend is way skinnier than me, but cos she's soo tall, she's 14/16.
Where's the option for "I'm a man, I don't understand dress sizes, if her boobs stick out significantly more than her stomach then we're all good"?

Also, I'd be interested to know how many girls picked their own dress size as the ideal one.
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This isn't a question that makes sense. I know women who are a size 6 and would look like whales if they were size 12, and women who are size 12 who would look horrifyingly gaunt if they were size 6. When the frames that women have vary so much, the idea of an 'ideal' is absurd because what's ideal for some would be totally disproportionate for others.

I can stretch to saying that usually I think of anything size 14 or above as a bit too big, but I couldn't go much further than that.
Oh **** off OP.
Original post by Aspiringlawstudent
I'm sorry, would you prefer I invent a new sizing system instead?


Why would you think I mean that? You've just listed a load of arbitrary measurements that mean very little to anyone unless you take into account height, body shape, build, weight etc. Far more useful if the options were say straight/pear/hourglass body shape, skinny/average/fat. Personally my ideal woman is Christina Hendricks, whatever dress size she is, she's hot.

Think about it. You couldn't ask which men's clothes size is ideal; S, M, L, or XL could you? M could easily be a short fat slob whilst XL is a muscle bound hunk and vice versa.
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The ideal size totally depends on the individual body frame, DNA. So for me having been in sizes 2-20, I come to know that a 6 is my ideal size. Each persons need to know this for themselves.😊