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    Hi guys!

    I'm in my last year of my Information and Comunications Tech degree at Bangor uni, and am lookin for sum GRAD jobs in the I.T. sector.

    Does anyone know any good companies to work for? I was thinking of looking at IBM and CSC and stuff but also smaller companies like Aveva or Detica. Does anyone know how much they pay and what they let you do in the first years?

    Also I was looking at the FDM 16 week grad programme. Is anyone else appying for this or know what sort of stuff is good about it?

    Thanx Guyz!



    I did my placement at IBM, their grad scheme's are mainly in consulting and IT specialist roles. You stay as a grad for 2 years (i.e. at the same level/same salary). They start you on £27k. Its a good company to work for the only problem is its difficult to get promotions from what I saw.

    Have you looked at Capgemini? their grad scheme/training appears to be a lot better

    I would make sure you do some thorough research about the companies you apply for, especially FDM, I just graduated from Brunel and a lot of people in my year thought they were a good opportunity until you find out more about them and the programme. Good luck and I hope you get a job soon

    Logica...Google...plenty of grad schemes, check out prospects, milkround and the other grad sites to find out when the grad schemes open...

    Don't go for FDM, they're pretty much a scam...

    I definitely recommend going for a grad scheme instead of a job, you will learn a lot more. Try to joining a medium to large sized company, they'll have money to spend on you, and large companies have established graduate schemes that have opportunities to take you all over the world. Small companies will expose you to a lot, but qualifications and benefits will be harder to get.

    Don't look at the salary too much either, you'll earn a lot more in the future. Compared to what you'll earn in the future, a couple of years with grad level salary is nothing. Make sure your priorities are training, knowledge and experience gains, networking and prestige.

    I agree grad schemes are the best way to go coz they expect you to have no experience and offer so much variety.

    Research the company though!!! I've applied to loads of schemes without tailoring to the company and it just backfires when they call you up and you cant remember you even applied to them and what they do

    For specific IT grad jobs, try, its pretty good and is easier to find the job you want
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Updated: July 18, 2012
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