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    I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered already -

    But basically, I've finished my student finance app for my second year of study at Uni.
    Last year, I got the full maintenance grant, however, this year, on my completed form, it's saying I have the maintenance and tuition loan, but says nothing of a grant.
    I tried editing my application, but I found nowhere to like, click 'apply for maintenance grant'.

    I've looked all over their site, and I found that if I was income assessed last year, which I was, then the same information would be used for 2012/2013.

    I was sort of satisfied with this answer, so I left it for a while.
    I checked back a week ago to find that there was still no information on me getting a grant.

    I called up SF, explained my situation, only to be passed around a number of people, until I got this answer 'I don't understand why it's not showing it'

    The woman was very, very vague when I asked if I was to get the grant.

    I called up again the next day, this time I was told I had to search for and print off a random form, fill it out and send it to SF. I asked why I had to do this when SF already supposedly had my information, and he gave me an incoherent excuse about me not having applied for the grant.

    Unconvinced and pissed off, I hung up and called again a few hours later, this time, a woman told me I was still being income assessed, that my grant hadn't been worked out yet, and she didn't know why I had been told to print off the form.

    I'm just stressing out about this, and considering I've had three very vague replies - I just wanna know if anyone else is having this problem? Has anyone else's grant appeared or not appeared yet?


    TL;DR:My maintenance grant isn't showing on SF, despite getting one last year - and I got little to no help from SF when I called them. Why?

    Did you apply for income assessed? Silly question; but I can't think of any other reason.
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    I think so? I did last year, anyway - and this year, there was no option for it.
    Or at least, I didn't see the option?

    Student finance did this to me last year, for me it was a clerical error on their part and there was nothing wrong with my form - they just forgot to add on my grant. I rang them up and the advisor marked my application to be re-assessed. I got a new letter which included a grant about 2 weeks later.

    So basically just ring them up and tell them that you would like a grant and they should hopefully sort it for you.
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    Thanks, I'll definitely do that!


    i had the exact same problem as i received my maintainence grant last year but it does seem to be showing this. so i thought i had forgotton to apply even though i thought they used all last years information. so i had quite a few pointless phone calls as i couldnt get a lot of sense from the website. and i was told to print off a PR1 form fill out sections 7-12 and send it back. which i did by recorded delivery costing 6 bloody quid. i can not manage without this grant so i am pretty damn desperate to get it. all i am doing is waiting for my online application to change. but after reading so many other similar stories i might just phone up again

    Student finance are essentially the most crap company on the face of the Earth, and none of them every say the same thing as each other. I've found the best way is to just keep ringing back until you get someone who is actually helpful, or keep asking to be passed to higher up people. Usually you'll eventually get someone who is actually helpful and seems to know what they're talking about. Last year they gave me a grant, then this year decided they gave me too much last year, and are asking for all of it back. I vote someone just burns down student finance to be honest.
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