Israel holocaust memorial vandalised with graffiti saying "Thank you Hitler"

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    And it was sprayed by Jewish extremists :facepalm2:

    Whoever did this should be publicly hanged.

    They were taking the piss, they want Israel to be taken apart until the days of their messiah for their own religious reasons.

    The rise of Jewish extremism is not a surprise nor does it come at a better time. What the State of Israel is doing now does go in line with the Hebrew Bible but not in line with human rights and these extremists knows nothing better...not even their own religion

    Probably a bunch of Neturei Karta nutters - yeah, those 'Jews' who turn up at pro-Palestinian death-to-Israel rallies as apparent proof that Jews hate Israel as well. They believe that the state of Israel was created in violation of their beliefs and only when the 'messiah' returns, do they believe that the state should be created.

    As somebody mentioned in the comments of the link, they are to Judaism [and all things related] what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity etc.
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Updated: June 11, 2012
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