What would the species of Homo Genus be like if they were here today?

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    Presume, firstly that were to have evolved in the same way, and that none of the genus were to wipe each other out. If Homo antecessor, homo neanderthalus, homo erectus, H. cepranensis, H. ergaster, H. floresiensis, H. gautengensis, H. habilis, H. heidelbergensis, H. rhodesiensis and H. rudolfensis (or any of them, of course), were to still be existant, what would they be like today?

    Of course it's a lot of guess work, but if anybody can make educated guesses that would be cool (: I just think it's intriguing to consider this alternative timeline in which, granted, Sapiens are the most intelligent - yet there are other species of our genus. How would society function? And how would the individual species act and behave and look?

    Hey; I explored Homo evolution in my EPQ and was quite interested in this (although apparently it wasn't on topic *rolls eyes*). In my opinion, similar to Homo sapiens society; if back-dated a couple of hundred/ thousand years. We may have been the more 'intelligent' species; but be able to outcompete other species was in some cases just due to 'luck'. Most other Homo species had fire and forms of communication and in the case of Neanderthals- some evidence suggests it was their body type (stocky and muscular) which was detrimental when the climate became warmer while we were better adapted- luck in a form i guess. So yeah; pretty similar although backdated. This okay?
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Updated: June 14, 2012
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