Paranoia and the Second Choice

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Well as most of you know I've applied for Journalism at

Bournemouth University, Surrey Institute of Art & Design, Middlesex University, The London Institute, Southampton Institute & London South Bank University.

The London Institute is my first choice, however there was a minor "hiccup" when my interview letter got lost in the post (not a lot of people get interview letters) and I missed it, I however have been given a second chance (thank you lord!) but because of this I am now even more paranoid that I won't get in.
I want to go there for the location, the atmosphere, the prestige (Rupert Murdock's pet school=Jobs for me), the speakers (Jon Simpson, Head of the BBC, Kate Adie etc every Friday) etc

So I'm having to choose between (at the moment)
Southampton (Conditional)
and possibly London South Bank

Which do you think would be best, in YOUR opinion? I'd like reasons as well

I'd also like to point out that whilst at University I am hoping to establish myself with the music scene in and around London, I've got a few friends there already and would like to set myself up to do a bit of freelance etc but I can't do that if I'm too far away due to money and last trains back and stuff. I can get backstage easily with help from friends but I can't stay long if I have to get a train back at 10pm
Thank you,
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