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i'm just using an oven. Seems to tme that that will work fine as the oven is allready callibrated to certain temperatures, but this 96% is really doing my t*ts.
I was wondering if you could just take 96% of the resistance of the preditermined temp. Maybe not....HELP!!
this is what i'm sorta doing:
The thermistor has to be calibrated to see what temperature is relative to its resistance.then Place a thermometer inside the oven to see initial temperature of the oven when not heated. Measure the resistance of thermistor at this temp.Heat the oven to 50°c, then check the thermometer is reading 50°c and measure the resistance.
PLAESE will someone give advice or what they are doing and help me sort out the 96% pile of sh*t. This is the worst plan i've ever done...B*****DS!
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