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can you put in your own earring straight after it has been pierced

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Original post by samyboo
I've had 14 piercings in the last year and I've found that you can change them from pretty much after the swellings gone down but it's better to leave the bar/studs in for a couple of months. Saying that, I got one a year ago and it's still healing and swells quite a lot... all my lobe ones have healed fine in a couple of days and they've been done with guns (:

Wow thats a lot. It makes my 6 ear piercings sound paltry. (3 in lleft earlobe, 1 in left helix plus 2 in right earlobe).
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When I had mine pierced the first time I took mine out after a few hours to swap it with a hoop but the hoop wouldn’t go in and I had to get my wife to help push the old stud back in
Why do you have to wait
Original post by ManchesterUnited7_
some think only gays have their ear pierced .. ikr :L

you didn’t even have to include the fact that you are male😭

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