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    I currently play non league football but I would love the oppurtunity to study and play football in the US. But im not show how the process works on how to get a soccer scholarship. Would I have to go over to the US and have trial? do I send them tapes? or do I just list who I've played for and hope they believe me?

    Thanks for any help

    Hi ,

    I am currently going through the process at the moment and have just signed a contract to be on a scholarship program. What you need to do is search for Programs on the internet , I used FirstpointUSA however there are many others . You will then be invited for a Athletic trial where they see if you have the potential. They will also look at your C.V to see if you have the required grades. If you pass both of these you will be required to attend an interview . This is where they will assess you as a person to see if you would fit in. If you pass this you will be offered a contract of acceptance. From here you then complete the paperwork and the company will gain video footage of you from client games to forward onto US colleges. After this coaches will decide weather or not to make you an offer and of how much . Just to let you know it is a very expensive process and company service fees can be between £1700 and £2500 . There is also no guarantee of a full 100% scholarship either. FirstPoint average a client payment to the course of £6000 a year . However this often covers the cost of Tuition which can range from $15,000 to $60,000 a year , Food , Accomodation and equipment . Saving you say 90% a year on the cost of funding it without help. You will still have flights to consider . I used the worlds #1 in football scolarships firstpointUSA and alough one of the more expensive options have been great so far. Find them at

    If you need anymore information just ask
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Updated: July 17, 2012
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