Viral videos?

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    Ok, I have the equipment, I have the time (Oh I have the time...) but I have no ideas on what I could make a (Potential) viral video on. Any ideas?
    Just to put this into perspective, I live in a rural area so any ideas based in the urban backdrop wouldn't really be helping

    put yourself in the video, look and behave as retardedly as is humanly possible.. take retardation to a whole new level.. and then you'll go viral

    If making a viral video were that easy everyone would be doing it.

    It takes a massive amount of luck unfortunately.

    Do you want something funny, or something notable for being ridiculous? Because the latter is much easier to do.

    Pay a few thousand pounds to Ark Music Factory, and they'll write you a terrible song.
    Guaranteed to go viral with the right music video and autotuning, just like Rebecca Black's done.
    Have you got stage school experience? They love stage school brats.

    Also, you could make yourself look really ugly and sing really badly.
    Or, you can make some sort of politically incorrect rant.
    Or go on Jeremy Kyle.

    THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. I wish you luck, and look forward to seeing you on my laptop soon.
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    Well, apt suggestions the only thing is I was thinking of something more original and also, I don't want to go viral just to become famous or something, I want to for some other more 'personal endeavours' type reasons so I don't want to become viral looking like a complete idiot :P So any more original ideas? I can edit well, film with decent equipment etc so ust need the idea
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Updated: June 25, 2012
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