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    It's summer now and what a funny thing- when i was studying this year i was almost out of free time but i was dreaming how much good things i could make if i had some time. And now when i got all time in the world i just shamefully waste it. I just don't understand why. I want to do so many things like reading good books , preparing for next academic year, sport , or just ride a bicycle. And instead of that i just sit all day in front of my computer watching tv series or reading some crap... ALL DAY LONG. I literally wake up, turn computer on and a bit later i understand that it's already night and i have to go to sleep. And then again i wake up ,turn computer on and after like 12 hours i look through window and can see the moon..Same day everyday. Like Groundhog day. I mean i am normal person , i don't play addictive mmorpg games or something , i got good grades at school , i have friends .It's just when i have a lot of time i just can't force myself to do something and i just spend all time in front of computer. I feel like a slave of it. It's so comfort to sit in front of it. You can do anything you want: watch any film , chat with friends , shop online , read anything from news to books , etc. etc.

    What do you guys think ? I know that some people have the very same problem, how you fight this "addiction" or i don't know how it's called ? And what advice you can give me ?

    It is very common and easy to do. Simple to fix, decide to get up at 'x- o'clock' (preferably in the morning, say 7 or 8am) DO NOT TURN ON THE COMPUTER and arrange something to do for the day. Like get up at 7.30, have breakfast, walk the dog/go for a run, go to the library, read 1 chapter of that book you've been meaning to get to, go to the cinema, go shopping, tidy up, learn to cook for uni, clear everything out of your room and sort out the things you do and don't need. By the time you've done all that you'll probably realise it is time to go back to school and into your normal routine!

    You just need some structure, but YOU need to create it rather than relying on school to tell you what to do when.

    It isn't an addiction, and it certainly isn't serious, it is just lack of structure and the lack of motivation to create one for yourself. But as you say you're going to waste a significant proportion of your life if you don't pull yourself together and start doing things! It's all down to you!

    I think you should make some friends. This will definitely help you. And if you have enough friends, you can invite them over or may be visit them someday. This will help you to get away from your computer.

    Get a specific project! It can be totally random and useless, eg;

    1. Build a working model aeroplane.
    2. Make as much money as you can from £10.
    3. Read a set list of 30 books.
    4. Train until you can run 5k in 30 minutes / personal target.
    5. Learn a skill.

    Whatever you want, then devote your summer to it. Most importantly;

    - Don't give up when it gets boring - you need the difficult parts for the sense of achievement.
    - Give yourself plenty of lazing around time too, or you will end up going back to the computer.
    - Don't give in to the temptation of the TV or computer.
    - Have a set time to wake up / go to sleep.
    - Enjoy yourself!

    Write a 'to-do' list of everything you want/need to do tomorrow, then don't turn on your computer until everything is done. And at least one thing must involve leaving the house for at least half an hour...

    Yep, timetabling is the way forward. It's hateful to do, but you achieve a lot. I personally like to make lists of things, along with how long they'll take, rather than try to control what I'll be doing at any specific time. I tend to oversleep then ruin anything like that...
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Updated: June 26, 2012
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