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    Ok, ive been browsing through this forums about music, etc, and everyones either bad mouthing hip hop or saying taht nas , eminem etc are wicked, and no there not,
    #1: Nas sold out, his lyrics said, i would never sell myself out to a record label and hes talking as if hes underground which hes not, a few weeks later he signs to MURDER INC. , he is a sellout and hyprocrite.

    #2minem, is a good rapper, but I dont like him signing gays like 50 cent, which is gay, g-unit is a piece of sh!t , yung-buck from g-unit, stole a beat from soleeternity, a producer on www.soundclick.com
    g-unit does this a lot and never gives credit to the original producer,

    www.soundclick.com is good to find fresh emcee's and underground artists,
    now saying rap is a bad influence and doesnt contribute anythign to the society, is just dumb, real hip hop heads know, artists like: Mos def, Common , Talib kweli, all have positive meaning in there lyrics, talib often raps about the government, corruption and how they were stolen from africa and then forced to change religions to catholic etc.

    there are also underground emcee's who also rap about american corruption and the bad things in life,
    aesop rock, benefit, jedi-mind-tricks, eminent stylez,slug , atmosphere, sage francis.
    all found on soundclick.com you just have to look.
    you can find sage francis, atmosphere and benefit on KaZaa,
    I also think hip hop mainstream is going downhill, and is pathetic, Real hip hop is rapping raw, much like: Wu-tang-clan , krs-one and vinny paz.

    Now, if you think you know rap , and the first person to pop up in your head is 50 cent, you dont, you watch too much B.E.T (Black entertaintment television). if you dont know half of these artists YOU dont know hip hop.

    Now I was looking around I saw some people asking what fix up look sharp means.

    Fix up: Have nice clothes, clean shoes FRESH gear.
    Look sharp: With your gear actually look good and match.

    (Original post by Benefit)
    Ok, ive been browsing through this forums ... and match.
    we dont get BET in the UK
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