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    Applied for a job last night at like 3am and woke up to a e-mail asking me to attend a group session in a couple of weeks. I have to reply if im going or not.

    The job is at Circle 360 Champagne & Cocktail bar.

    The e-mail read..

    'The recuitment open day is a group session. We would ask that you put together a 2 minute verbal presentation that will help the Circle 360 senior team understand the essence of your personality. We would suggest that the subjects covered should include, a description of the type of person you are, your values, your ambition and role models or major influences in your life. We would also like you to include in your presentation the role you would be interested in applying for, your availability and a summary of any relevant experience'

    Anyone have any experience doing something like this before? I really need a job but have no bar experience at all. I would enjoy it and i am a quick learner but i hope im not out of my depth.

    By the way im 18.

    Any tips, experience, words of wisdom would be appreciated!
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    anyone know anything ahh?!


    I can't really help you with what to say regarding bar work but I can help you with what qualities you say. Make sure you say you are really focused on customer service and are very efficient when working - always on the ball, will always clean up etc when not asked to do so.

    Say that you are a really friendly person etc and just say your availability as you can't really make that up.

    Just remember to smile, say about other experience if you have any, and have a good clear voice

    Also dress smart - even if it is a bar making an effort by wearing smart clothese will show that you want the job and you haven't just rocked up from going shopping.

    Good luck!
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Updated: July 9, 2012
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