Where would You choose to study ( out of these two choices ) for your A levels

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    Hello everyone ,

    I am currently in the last summer before I attend college and I have two choices of college / sixth form that are willing to accept me depending on my gcse results , I am currently in a dilema in choosing the one which would be best for me , as they both offer what I would consider Pros and Cons.

    1 ) My school Sixth form

    . I know all the staff , who are extremely supportive and would do their best to help me obtain the best results.

    I know most of the boys going , meaning i wouldn't have to worry about fitting in and meeting new people .

    . Smaller classes , meaning more 1 on 1 support , I am seen as a student rather than a number

    2 ) Richmond upon Thames college

    . Huge college : plenty of opportunity to make new friends and people who i share interests with , and possibly meet a gf . ( I have neither in abundance right now). I need to get an understanding of the real world is like ,

    . My two closest freinds are going there , these are pretty much the only true freinds I have , and i dont want to grow distant from them . ( Yet we are not going to be in exactly the same classes ...)

    . Lots of enrichment + extra curricular activities , giving the means to get a life and get ucas points

    . Extremely high pass rate for A level students .


    1) My sixth form

    The school is formed of yr 11 pupils from my single sex male high school and the single sex female hs in my borough , most of the attractive girls are known by everyone and so I dont have much of a chance .

    . Seeing the same regular faces means I wont make that many new friends as im not really freinds with any of the boys going more accomplices , yet I could make a female friend or two.

    My two besties are going the college , so I'm going to be pretty alone + secluded unless I make an effort to get to know my peers.

    2) Richmond upon Thames

    Expensive and long travel , costs £15 per week to get there , and train journey is about 50 mins. I will be arriving home late in the evenings

    Large classes meaning i will have to do much more independent studying

    Please give me your insights and opinions
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Updated: July 10, 2012
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