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Thongs: Yay or Nay...


YAY or NAY to thongs

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Depends on who's wearing them :colone:
Only if shes hot. Chubberz girls dont suit them.
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Yay for thongs!
I like girls in boxers. Weird I know but somethin about it :L Yay for thongs aswell though, depends on who's wearing them.
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granny pants are sexiest
I find them really uncomfortable and not overly flattering :erm:
for tight clothes. vpl is GHASTLY.

so yeah, yay for anything bodycon/clingy, nay for every other occasion.
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My ex had very wide hips and ripped a pair of thongs once due to it.

This could've happened with any pants, but as it was a thong, it feels fitting in this topic.
So uncomfortable! Also I don't think they look very nice, don't exactly leave anything to the imagination either XD
Uncomfortable and unflattering. Also not particularly hygienic, nay.
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I prefer no underwear at all. :sexface:
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frenchies> lady boxers/shorts>thongs
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Haha :tongue: YES. A permanent wedgie :mad:
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Yay. I don't find them uncomfortable and like previously said, convenient for tight clothing. Not too keen on the look but the convenience outweighs it.
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Nay I actually dont find them attractive they look funny :/