How will my student finance effect me if I stay at home in third year?

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    For last year and this year I have been living away from home. For the third year (next year) I will be living at home as I want to save as much money as possible.

    My question is, how much does loans and grants change if you live at home rather than at University?

    Many Thanks!

    (At the moment, I get Max Loan and Max Grant and full Uni Bursery)
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    thought I would bump this encase anyone knew

    Grants don't change. Only the loan will. If third year is final year, you'll also get less that way.

    me and my sister are both at the same uni, in first year, i stayed at home and she lived in halls. we both also get full grant/loan and as far as i know i think she only gets a couple of hundred extra than me per term. basically. despite the fact i live at home i still get around £2000 per term, so i'm guessing since you're on full grant/loan as well you'll get the same. And our university gives me and my sister exactly the same bursaries.

    i do think its stupid how much you can claim living at home, i get more than some of my friends who live in halls and have to pay stupidly high bills just because their parents earn a better living than mine. It's crazy, but i work as well so i don't feel so guilty getting so much.

    hope that helps
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Updated: July 19, 2012
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