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Students - do your parents give you money?

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    Do your parents give you money/pay for anything while you are at uni? If so, how much/what for?

    Just wondering after doing my student finance again for this year, as I find the system to be unfair. Just because your parents have money on paper does not mean they have the means to give you money. Also, why should they?

    I get minimum loan, which covers my rent and that is it. I worked 20+ hours a week last year, but this had an impact on my marks, so I am working all summer and hoping to save enough to get me through the year. Is anyone else in this position? My parents haven't paid for anything for me throughout uni, and to be honest I would feel bad taking it anyway.

    I have to get a part time job

    No, though to be fair, I did have a sizeable grant.

    I received a wee bit of cash as a bit of a 'have some fun' present just before my dad left after dropping me off on my first day during freshers week. However, my parent's didn't support me and I got a job during my second year.


    My parents give me money as my loan didn't even cover my accommodation last year, and I had never had a job so didn't have money any other way, other than a bit in savings which I'm not digging into yet. I'm working next year though so I will save that up to fund me when I re-start uni, as I don't like having to get money off my parents. I have some friends whose parents didn't give them anything, but then they had savings from family or whatever they were using instead.

    I get a fair bit of help (about 70% of my rent) since I don't get a loan. I work two jobs to cover the rest. Ahh the life of a masters student! I got help through my undergraduate degree too, but not as much (some of which I saved and put towards this years rent). I do appreciate though that I am very lucky!

    It does seem like an unfair system.... or I thought so at first.

    I now DO think there does have to be some kind of means testing though, to ensure those who have parents who really cannot afford it can still go to uni. Look at it this way - If you get the minimum loan, your parent may well not be able to help you all the time but if you got into money trouble they would likely be able to help you out, whereas someone from a very low income background would not have parents in that same position. However I also think they should base the loan on the area of the country you are studying in - not just London/outside London but everywhere. Brighton is extortionate, for example

    Could you perhaps work 5-10 hours a week? It would mean you have a bit more money but it shouldn't affect your grades.
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Updated: July 13, 2012
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